Unqualified Prophets

My favorite dreams are often times my favorite b/c they come from unlikely sources.  Maybe they don’t look the part or sound the part, but it’s usually b/c they are unqualified to bring the news they are bringing.  Like key witnesses in a case, they have the naivete of a mere onlooker mixed with the unbiased knowledge of someone who truly saw something.

The following are a few clips of people who admit to not being astute in the things of God at the time of these dreams, yet all their dreams were either incredibly vivid, unflinchingly orthodox or alarmingly accurate.

Christians who aren’t even trying:

baby Christians:

baby babies:

This is probably the only one of a handful of dreams that I’ve heard given to a non-Christian.  Typically this type of revelation, with the exception of near death experiences, are reserved for the people of God or those seeking God.  Though he’s certainly a Christian now, he maintains that he was not and had no interest at the time of the dream, which he had in the 80’s and is proving to be quite the template for predicting what we may be in for in the near future.  Nearly every technology he identified in his dream is here, and current events like Jade Helm seem to corroborate the timing of this dream.

The Virtue of Narrow Mindedness

The following video is an interesting clip from the Know Your Enemy series, a cluster of quotes from a woman very influential in the ideals of the occult named Alice Bailey.  As Bailey herself admits, these ideals were not conceived by her but by a spirit that frequently visited her, one that she at first thought was Jesus but then later discovered was not.  O_O

What I find interesting in these quotes is that it clearly demonstrates the gospel of inclusion being of not only demonic, but of anti-christ origin.  It’s an important strategy to be familiar with in these last days.  Indeed, Jesus said, “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.” (Luke 12:51-54)

Is the Prince of Peace contradicting himself?  I think when we look at these times we see that Jesus is trying to clear up a matter the enemy wants to distort.  Jesus is truth, and truth by definition is exclusive.  There’s no need to argue this because the world itself brings this charge against us, his followers.  They like to make it seem like Jesus was inclusive, what with his dining with sinners and forgiving ways and controversial parables.  But those of us who read the Bible [should] know better than to fall for that.

This is the war that we are waging right now, inclusion vs. exclusion.  The world needs us to favor inclusion if they are to usher in a one world government.  As a teenager I would sometimes come across the end time scenario of one world government and think to myself, “Cool.  What’s bad about that, it sounds kind of awesome.”

Well nothing, if your leader is Jesus.  He’d probably let us keep some sovereignty, maybe appoint some cool people over each region and let us keep our flag and language and stuff and you know, have parties and like, not watch us 24/7 on creepy surveillance or be paranoid constantly that a far superior Being could come in and infiltrate what He’s built.  And you know, let us cross state lines and stuff.

But Lucifer?  Satan?  Not so much.

Yes Jesus offers us peace, just not peace on Earth.  Peace with Him, in Heaven, another exclusive place.  Folks these days are being deceived into thinking exclusivity is wrong and always wrong, and a strong indicator of something sinister, b/c country clubs and all that.  More often than not however, it’s the opposite.  You want your immune system to remain exclusive.  You want your washing machine to wash JUST your clothes and your house to made up of ONLY people you know.  Our world runs properly on more fundamentally exclusive notions, that is to say “truth.”  While it’s true a faulty truth can cause the wrong lines to be drawn, the last solution should be to get rid of truth.  But the world would have you believe that it’s the only solution.

And look at the fruit of the two camps.  Who is constantly trying to strip Christianity of its power and influence b/c it insists on you know, sticking to absolute and fundamental truths?  It is only the inclusive party that ultimately wishes to physically eradicate the exclusive one, because it needs to destroy it if relativism is going to flourish.  There are far more on the broad road than the narrow, yet those on the broad road seem to live in constant fear that truth will somehow prevail if permitted to co-exist.  Yet the Christian, the “narrow-minded,” an ironically apropos description, is the more tolerant of the two.  Cohabiting with all manner of contrary ideals that at most cause holy war of disapproving remarks, or an elaborate initiative to force relativists to “take that mess somewhere else.”  So scary!  The truth is, the REALITY is, that Satan wants you to unite under every other idea on Earth save for truth, for Jesus said, “Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.” (John 18:37)

Independence Day

In light of 4th of July, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss America from an alternate– conspiratorial, if you will– perspective.

I have enjoyed this country, and my identity as an American.  But I am foremost a citizen of a holy and other worldly monarchy, which is why coming across information like this ultimately doesn’t bother me.

I post these things in the hope it will have the same effect on you, and cause you not to despair in humanity.  but to further loosen your grip on any and all worldly allegiance:  for “the world is passing away, AND THE LUST THEREOF (!!!); but he who does the will of God abides forever.” — 1 John 2:17, emphasis mine 🙂

The majority of the clips from this post is from a series called “Know Your Enemy” done by The Fuel Project and posted on YouTube in its entirety, a whopping 77 part series comprehensively, though not exhaustively, covering the overarching movements and strategies of Good and Evil throughout human history from a Christian perspective.  Though there are trivial parts of the series I don’t entirely agree with, the series is more enlightening than all my years of book learning put together on the subject of world history, a very close second only to my years of independently researching the illuminati, and I recommend every person in the world watch it, particularly every Christian.

The Origin of “America:”

The French and American Revolutions:

Where we’re headed (HINT: it was pre-planned):

HEBREW STUDIES: Rosh Hashanah and the Rapture

It’s a crying shame that non-Jewish believers are so far removed from the symbolism and history of the Old Testament, a separation that I believe is no accident.  Aside from the religious and political factors over time that has created the rift, I don’t doubt that sinister campaigns in the heavenlies keeps gentiles deaf and the Israelites blind.  That still remains no match for the Holy Spirit however, whose plain language is the sound doctrine from whom we gentiles benefit.  Still, we miss out on the nature and motivations of the Father when we don’t understand His early work.  Sure, we know these things the LORD tells us are true, but when pressed for proof, it’s hard for us to come up with anything other then “’cause I know,” believers in the truest sense.  Where is the evidence that others and sometimes we ourselves crave?

Well it’s in the Old Testament, the book many of us tell new converts to avoid– why is that?  Could it be because the gentile’s understanding has become so divided over the years from God’s originally chosen people?

So, presenting Rosh Hashanah– the biblical, OT evidence that brings solid ground to our pie in the sky claims of the rapture.  This is not the only feast that points directly to the plans of God, and I encourage you to study them all.  I will certainly post interesting discussions as I come across them.  They can be quite complicated, so I like listening to smarter people break these kinds of things down to me.

This lecture is led by Mark Biltz, author of the bestseller Blood Moons book.  Very thorough and specific.  Invaluable insights on the parable of the ten virgins, Jesus’ end time idioms e.g. coming as a “thief in the night,” letters to the seven churches in Revelation, etc.  He even gives a mature perspective on how to mentally position yourself as a Christian about the role the rapture should play in your life.  It’s about 80 minutes so listen in sections or have yourself a Candy Crush fest and listen (or don’t, if you’re not one of those gen-y mult-taskers.  Right now I’m listening to it, writing this, with cartoons on TV and listening for the babies in their room to make sure no one is getting maimed or killed).

If you’re a lifelong student of the Bible you will not believe high beam flood lights this sheds on scripture.

Here’s another video, about half as long and equal in weight of revelations.  A more feminine perspective.

“All these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet”

It’s not like they haven’t been doing their job.  The media is faithful to report it.  But the collective matter of factness causes it to seem mundane.  Soon no one can remember a time when there wasn’t some unexplainable phenomenon somewhere or other.  And those in charge of disinformation will tell you that the world has always been this way.  Even though the aged consistently talk about how much things have changed in each and every generation, it’s now customary to dismiss them– until you yourself become aged.  Hasn’t anyone considered that maybe the sheep way ahead of us in line thought it was ride leading us to freedom once too, but now they’ve been on it long enough that they can see the blade?

As I’ve mentioned before, we live in a time where we can now “see all these things.”  Is this not a major prerequisite, the most amazing case of foreshadowing ever conceived, that only God–the author of this story we call reality– can achieve?

Yet when Jesus says “see to it that you are not troubled,” somehow I don’t think he meant “remain ignorant.”  For if we pay no heed, how can we “therefore be ready” for something that will be “at the door” when all these things happen.

Montages are again my favorite thing for illustrations like this.  Here’s one started in 2012, a year I truly believe was pivotal.  I distinctly remember a ramping up of signs that seemed to get progressively more consistent.

“famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places” and “fearful sights and great signs from heaven” Luke 21:11

fast forward to 2015 and you still have more of the former, plus “wars and rumors of wars.”  This all happened last month.

more of the former, plus Christians being “delivered up and killed…for my namesake” as Jesus put it.  This all happened last WEEK.

If you do a bit of research you’ll see that there’s sooo much to report, it’s difficult to record it all.  So we’ll examine more closely some of the other more specifically prophetic signs later.

The “beginning of birth pains”??? I’d say we’re dilated about an 8 right now (all my moms out there will get that)

All quotations are from Matthew 24 unless otherwise noted.