Fake News Pt. 2

So I neglected to metion that another big reason that the “Fake News” craze in the media right now has truth community side eyes reaching record levels is the fact that a few years ago there was a bill that was quietly passed a few years ago that basically made propaganda legal in the U.S.  At the time it was making a lot of waves b/c people found the gap between Sandy Hook and this law being passed a bit convenient.  Yeah, ‘member Sandy Hook?

So yeah, I probably should have mentioned that.  I forgot people didn’t know that.

A definition of “propaganda” goes something like this:  information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

So, they made domestic, gov’t run propaganda legal some three years ago, rather secretly.  For my slower readers, this basically means that for those that argue that there’s no way that the media could be caught lying so blatantly and why would they, here’s evidence showing that not only would they, but they were doing it years ago, they’ve drawn up a law so that they could resume it with legal impunity.  There’s plenty of evidence that they have taken full advantage of this new law several times over the course of those years.  And it seemed to be working well for them.

Cut to: the 2016 election.  The propaganda machine was firing on all cylinders, and now a lot of people were noticiing.  And the candidate they all underestimated noticed it too, and drew much needed attention to it.  The propaganda machine refused to play along, which looked to the masses as the high road but in reality was simply rule numero uno of disinformation tactics.

Now thanks to the growing interest in the conspiracy/truth community, many terms started to become mainstream, and once they did the media didn’t hesitate to adopt them for their own advantage.  Meanwhile, the elites found themselves on the losing side of an agressively fought for election, not to mention a wikileak to end all wikileaks.  What to do?  Blame the Russians.

Today I saw a friend of a friend post an article about how “fake news sites” created by Russians were strategically released right before November 8th in order to influence the election and had succeeded in getting the candidate they wanted in office.  Never mind that no Trump supporter you know (if you know any) cited articles they read as their reason for voting.  Most people get their news from the same places.  They watched the debates same as you, but as we hear from voters over and over, it was the perception of the same events that differed among voters, not the information.  And never mind that they had already passed a law making “fake news” legal, however secretly, and that going after activities that are already legal is generally considered fascist, especially while [OBVIOUSLY] using those same activities to concoct a Russian threat in the mind of Americans that no one of any intelligence should take seriously.

On the flipside, the fake news articles that are prevalent online seem curiously duplicitous, and not in a Russian way.  They actually do admit to being satire, but only after you do some signficant digging.  Not too long ago I had to retract an article that I had posted that proved to be fake.  It happens.  The reality is that clickbait exists and it’s getting harder to detect.  Why is that?  When I went back to the site, I had to do some pretty extensive digging before I finally found a disclaimer saying the site was “satire.”  But it wasn’t satire.  It was merely made up facts posing as real ones.  It was deception.  Likely made to make the reader feel like an idiot, to keep them from trusting their own ability to research, to keep them thinking that finding out the truth is best left to the “professionals.”  Whoever creates these sites, while they may be in it for the money, my theory is that they are working for the larger propaganda machine to reinforce its authority in the citizen’s mind and keep disinformation swirling so that no one will trust information not tied to a major news outlet.

I just read an article on trusted media site NPR however, about how some very prominent fake news sites are run by an individual citizen who is a liberal that openly admits he puts up a lot of right wing centered stories and gets a lot of hits.  He says in the article that he is “amazed” how his stories are shared millions of times, as many people “fall for it,” and one even made it as far as the state government, and legislation was passed in part because of a fake story he posted about pot.

They did another story about young people’s dismaying ability to tell real and fake news apart.  You know, in light of the “fake news crisis.”

So bascially, we got a guy openly admitting to deceiving people with wrong information, making a profit on it, and “amazed” at how well it works, and an article about how troubling it is that young people today believe what they read.

Despite the fact that they clearly want EVERYONE to believe what they read, there’s a psychological term for what is being described here, and it is “gaslighting.”

Based on a suspenseful stage play called Gaslight, it is the deliberate act of changing a persons reality, often little by little, and then denying it in an attempt to make them question their own sanity, memory and perception.  It is a common characteristic among people with psychosis, with personality disorders.  And any person that had a narcissistic or antisocial loved one should recognize it a mile away.  When these celebrities got called on their bluff about moving to other countries after a Trump win, I’m sure chills ran up the spine of many a victim of manipulation, when they insisted that people were too stupid to tell the difference between a joke and a promise.

While I personally feel that yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is still an analogy worth using in these “fake news” cases, publications like The Atlantic say that such comparisons hold no relevance to free speech.  Except in this case, I guess?

So I guess what the mainstream media is saying is that, fake news, given by anyone other than them, is a threat.  Unless it’s fake news written by liberals but aimed toward conservatives, b/c it’s fun to watch them share lies that they think are the truth b/c it makes liberals laugh.  But then when it validates their opinions and causes them to do things contrary to what liberals want them to then it’s bad again.  But seeing as how they already took steps to pass legislation years ago to ensure that fake news is okay, I wonder why they are trying to blame all their problems on it after losing the election.

Essentially, the “fake news” focus is well, fake.  They are projecting their own creation onto us, throwing it under the bus in order to make us believe that it was not plain ineptitude, corruption and blind unmitigated arrogance that lost them the election, but some sinister foreign diaboloical plot that undermined their honest efforts to provide the country with that which was for its own good: an impossibly corrupt, coporation-owned leader in the throes of death.  Simultaneously, they are working to eradicate independent researches and thinkers that were once merely an irritation, and now see them as a legitimate threat. And unfortunately, those who went along with their propaganda, having agreed to it in the first place, now feel themselves integrally linked to the globalists’ loss, and take solace in the consoling lies they disseminate post-election.  Those lies in turn are used to reinforce their twisted reality, and marginalize a majority of Americans.  And not a “silent” majority btw, just a regular ol’ majority.  A majority that stands by and watches as injustice happens is not the same as a majority that votes and just doesn’t discuss their decision with you.  So we can stop with that twisted narrative as well.  The lies have become so thick you have to walk around with a ping pong paddle.

So I know this thing is long, but as long as the media keeps bringing it up, and as long as people keep re-posting their ridiculous manipulative gaslighting propaganda, I’m going to have to write a doubly long blog about it.  Ask yourself which is easier: the idea that half the country are actually Nazis– including the  African Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, Christians and other minorities that voted Trump, and that this majority that was large enough to win an election, stealthily goes around painting swastikas and having post-Trump vitory meetings about nothing.  Or perhaps is it easier to believe that a majority of people across demographics and geographics voted on a candidate that met a good enough portion of their criteria for voting, one that outweighed the opposers, the on the fencers, the principled non-participators, etc.  You know, like the same thing that happens every election?  And that the only people who were the most baffled about Trump’s victory were those who live in or are from massive inclusive bubble like metropolises around the country, like the ones every source of media we have broadcasts from?

The media were particuarly un-objective this cycle, could it be b/c Trump so embodied everything that was wrong about life that they had to violate every rule of journalism in order to cover him 24/7?   Or was it simply that they were bolstered by the propaganda law that the gov’t slipped through a year after the previous election, no doubt on behalf of the corporate interests that fund them all?

Never leave home with your thinking caps people. Ray Charles could see that Trump was going to take this election.  Other than Hillary’s underhanded ways and her endless advantages, she was dead in the water, pretty much as soon as he got the nomination.  And yet, your media lied to you again and again.  Kanye agrees with me, and now he’s in the hospital.  Even if you don’t believe any of that, just from a practical perspective, you should really just stop listening to these clowns.  All that money, resources, experience, I mean they had one job!  Did they really not know?  Was this ever really the carefully reasearched professional findings of experts?  Or was it all just propaganda?  B/c they knew that above all bravado, it was still in our hands to decide?

Fake News


Truth be told, fake news has existed since, well the dawn of time I’m pretty sure.  Just ask Adam and Eve.  And for mainstream media (msm) to pose it as though it’s a burgeoning thread that we need to get ahead of is well, a little ridiculous.  What on Earth is the purpose of fake news anyway?  Well let’s break it down logically.  It would be at it’s core a desire to deceive, right?  Well deceive people for what purpose?  Well the spectrum of weirdness is probably beyond imagining but ultimately it’s to get the deceived party to do something that the deceiver wants, something they wouldn’t otherwise do if they knew better.  Probably the best question to ask if you’re not sure if you’re being deceived or not is, “what does this party have to gain by deceiving me?” and if it’s quite a lot then there’s a good chance.  Another one is, “does this person have the resources?”  So in the instance of “fake news,” of course people can lie, they can fabricate sources, or put in a bunch of impressive quotes, but who actually has the resources at their disposal to make something in your mind undisputable for you i.e. access to visual affects and equipment, staff to pay and blackmail to be in on it, and credibility and trust by those on the outside of it.  I mean that would be a huge red flag.  The last really great question to ask is, “who has time to successfully do this?”  It can seem like an arbitrary question, a dumb question really.  But it’s an unassuming question.  One that if you’re being deceived, you don’t necessarily stop to ask.  But sometimes a simple time stamp can be the difference between the truth and a lie.

So what I just described to you was the old reliable means, motive and opportunity.  Sometimes you will find a potential deceptive candidate that has one or two.  One is pretty harmless.  Two, and that person/idea should be put on the watch list.  Three?  Well three takes it from a maybe to an abso-friggin lutely, get out now, the killer is the dude’s brother, pretend we’re talking about something else and slowly walk out, too late they figured it out, because they know that you know, and now you’re dead.

In light of that, here’s another little piece of information that maybe you were glossing over:  The mainstream media has all three.

That’s pretty much what I look like listening to a mainstream news article.  Like this one.

Oh, and when I say fake news has always been around, I wasn’t exaggerating.  Special thanks to this fake news guy on YouTube


An Exercise in Conspiracy Pt. 2: WDBJ Virginia Shooting

I typically stay away from current events and things in the media b/c I prefer to focus on the “gestalt,” something that can be applied to any and all events no matter what they are.  And of course, there’s always the danger of being called “insensitive” if you press the issue of truth while a tragedy is still hot, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

But in this case, I thought this might be a good conspiracy “tutorial” if you will, for those of you not well versed.

Now if this is the first time you’ve ever read a post of mine or anything like it, prepare to be shocked.  And I don’t mean in the exaggerated sense of surprise, I mean ice water bath shocked.  Because at the end of this you’re going to be asked to go from a paradigm that works and functions to one that is breaking and cracking and falling apart and stuck together with tape and gum and whatever else.  To a strong paradigm to one that is fragile and almost entirely manufactured.  And it’s hard, because men weren’t created to believe lies and to stand on them and act on them.  Many choose to alleviate this tension by simply refusing to acknowledge they are being intentionally, industrially, and somewhat shabbily, lied to.  In other words, they go along with the lie.

For those who decide to believe those eyes that they otherwise swear by, to them will come the shock.  Now it’s all tea for me– studying this type of thing for several years and being a bit of a thrill seeker when it comes to these things, I’m pretty used to the shock and actually quite enjoy it.  Don’t get me wrong, when I heard the news I believed it as much as the next person.  Believing what ought to be reliable sources is something that will never go away, and I don’t want it to.  It keeps me unbiased as a researcher, and the pre and post state of awareness are both useful learning tools.  Which is why I’m posting this video.

Now I’m also not saying that you have to believe that this is a hoax, though I’m obviously expecting you to.  If a healthy dialogue will help the process along, I’m all for that too.  Clear your schedule, have a donut, do whatever you have to do to get to an honest place within yourself, then hit the little play triangle below.

behold, the manifesto.  (Note: this video was made June 2015)

some other resources for further research:

Hidden In Plain Sight: Why Satan is Sloppy

A lot of people wonder why would an organization that wishes to be secret put themselves in danger of being discovered by putting hidden and/or subliminal messages in things designed for public consumption.  It doesn’t seem feasible to most, and it was hard for me too to understand in the beginning.  But after seeing it ad nauseum I had to concede that this was no coincidence and in fact an intentional calling card for certain clandestine groups.  It took me awhile to consider such an absurd notion as a genuine motivation.  And the more you follow researchers or become one yourself, it becomes even more conspicuous.

There are plenty of explanations for the phenomenon.  Illuminati figures themselves admit that symbols have power, one that has a certain potency when it is unleashed among the public.  “Lesser magic,” they call it.  Others who have kept company with higher ups in the illuminati say they perceive themselves as “gentlemen” who want the public to have fair warning about what’s going on, if they’re able to figure it out.

There are a few common explanations among truthers such as cosmic authorization– the notion that the powers that the illuminati work for have to receive a spiritual “warrant” of sorts from God before they can enact any evil on the Earth, and this is their way of proving that we have received fair warning.  Sort of a Luciferian “terms and conditions” scheme that we blindly accept without question.

Perhaps it’s all of the above.  If it indeed is so multi-purpose, then it’s a bit ingenious.  I also think it’s integral to the system as a means to confirm allegiance among various members, since participants are allowed to lie and encouraged to act as double agents for the sake of the organization (see post citing the Jesuit Oath).  A quick flash of one eye symbolism or ‘devil horns’ and all who are initiated and understand the symbolism will at once understand that whatever they do or say is ultimately in service to the illuminati agenda.

Perhaps it’s even simpler, even more primitive.  After all, these people are ultimately guided by the unseen spiritual forces that surround us.  Perhaps these sinister beings just love seeing us bumble around and fall willingly into their laps.  They twist and pervert reality to the point where good becomes evil, evil becomes good, and we end up doing things so contrary to what is beneficial, agreeing to the most asinine propositions that they just find it so hilarious.  And find themselves to be quite clever and worthy of adoration.  Perhaps they resent us for the importance we hold to God, and they spend their long long existence slowly destroying us and watching us suffer.  They convince us to curse God and it exhilarates them.  Like serial killers who grew up as only children, loners and shunned by society, perhaps they long to make themselves seen and heard and so push the limit, to the point of sloppiness.

Whatever the case may be, researchers and conspiracy theorists agree that their secret ways are becoming more blatant more frequently.  The only thing we don’t know is why.