Prophetic Dream? 6/5/15

It took me awhile to get around to posting this.  Mostly I just assume that this dream is a byproduct of my research.  But it was rather vivid, so in the interest of obedience I will post it.

It started as a dream within a dream, which I hear is significant.  Technically though it was a false waking, as I woke up from a previous dream into this dream.  I woke up in a bed that faced a patio door.  The blinds were open and it was a dreary day.  The room went from being in a faintly familiar house to being a sort of penthouse or high rise.  My husband was already awake and we were having noticeably mundane conversation while I was watching a fly trapped between the mesh screen and the glass of this patio door.  This dream almost went out of its way to make it seem like as ordinary a day as possible.

My husband says something like, “I feel like something crazy is gonna happen today, like the world’s gonna end.”  About 7 times out of 10 his hunches are correct so I’m like, “you think?”

All of a sudden, gunfire and missiles are coming down out of the clouds from an unseen source.  “Oh my God!” I yell, more out of disbelief of what I’m looking at.  We watch this long enough until it becomes more important to become a mover rather than a spectator.  I have no shoes and a hankering to try and take two seconds to find them, but I suppress the urge.

My dad apparently lives in this high rise/penthouse-ish building we’re in.  I run to his room and see that there is already a huge tank outside his room, which is really posh, floor to ceiling windows.  I enter clapping my hands saying, “Daddy, wake up!”  He’s sort of looking at me like, “why what’s wrong?”  I don’t even mention the giant tank behind him, I’m just like “This is it, it’s OVER.  Gotta go.”  He knows enough what that means.

We all make it to the elevator.  I am SUPER excited, descending this loft elevator and jumping up and down so that it shakes, as though powered by a single pulley.  I am chanting, “The Lord is coming.  Hallelujah!  The Lord is coming.  Glory!  Glory!”  From the elevator I can see and feel people on the ground floor stop what they’re doing and look up at me as though they can hear me.  They have the expected lady in a public place reaction of disbelief mixed with an inner horror that makes them want to ignore me.  These people are decidedly NOT aware of what’s happening, but at that same time I am also unaware that they are unaware.

We get to the ground floor and my plight of no shoes turns into no shoes or PANTS.  A familiar looking pile of dirty clothes miraculously appears on the lobby chair.  Among them?  My low-cut boots and maternity pants.  Funny, I don’t feel pregnant.  Come to think of it, my kids are not with me.  My mother is not with us.  As those things occur to me I am peaceful and not fearful.  I’m confident we will catch up with them later.

After a few moments looking outside from the lobby we are in a downtown like setting.  Tanks roll up, rather close to us, returning fire to the invisible threat in the sky.  People are running and getting caught in the crossfire.  A tank takes aim at our building.  We don’t stick around to see where it hits, but we hear and feel it.  Boom!  Up to this point the dream had been quite realistic but this is where it starts holding back and gets a little like watching TV.  Or perhaps an IMAX movie.  No ringing ears, no injuries or blood.  Not complaining, just doesn’t strike me as a vision or anything.  Wah wah, right?

A security guard appears around the corner, motioning and saying “this way!”  Others are also going down this hallway.  We make it to the end to see there are quite a bit of military already in the building.  They have big remote controlled guns set up that keep malfunctioning and going from manual control to automatic fire.  The soldiers/police struggle to gain control of it while civilians try to dodge them.  We can see the guns pointing at moving people and objects and hear it gearing up to fire.  A few people get shot.  We run and dive out of the way a few times.

Someone moves fast enough to get to an open elevator that goes to the basement.  They summon quietly to start moving people to the doors.  Oddly enough, I understand that the tv show “It’s Supernatural is being filmed in a studio down there.  Around this time I wake up.

I might as well include this little nugget I found yesterday.  As you should know by now, there are a few key events happening this September, one of which is the pope is coming to Philadelphia.  I don’t know how long this event has been known or scheduled.  I think I’ve probably known about it since the beginning of this year.

Well…check out this dream about the Pope and the president having some sort of press conference…posted TWO YEARS AGO.

Dreams and Visions

Nothing gets your heart and soul in the proper state like the testimony of others.  Most people focus on the validity of such statements rather than the message itself.  This is a mistake.  If there’s anything in the WORLD you should believe with all your heart it’s these people.  It’s good practice to visualize these things, to consider things you wouldn’t or couldn’t otherwise imagine.

Not only does this video speak in depth about potential future events, but it talks about the most important aspect of God’s focus in these last days:  the condition of our heart.

It’s not enough to see the signs and ponder the possibility of what could it all mean.  It could take waaaay too long for you to mentally assent to the warnings of God.  The real work is in getting your heart prepared, be it prepared to go, or prepared to stay.  Because for either scenario, it’s important for you to be clear minded and to “let not your hearts be troubled,” as the Bible says.  Otherwise you may be driven mad by the sheer trauma of this event.

The reason why condition of our heart demands so much attention is because there may not be anything more mysterious about us.  I myself can’t really tell you how to get it a passing grade, I can only tell you my routine.

First off, I pretty much try to repent every day, sometimes multiple times a day if I think about it.  You would think this would be fairly simple.  It takes no exercise, costs no money, hardly any time, and now that I am in the habit, should get easier.  It doesn’t.  I’m sure it does in the sense that over time I can see a change, the same way that working out properly in a gym will garner results.  But going with that metaphor, the stronger you get, the more resistance must be applied for you to excel.  And in the Spirit, there is no apex.

What constitutes resistance in your heart?  To sum it up, the awareness of your own sinful state.  The first time you repent, you know you need it.  The second time?  You’re not so sure.  The third time?  You’re absolutely sure because you have something specific in mind.  The fourth time?  Same thing.  The fifth time?  Same thing.  By the sixth time, you just feel like you’re really really messed up.  Because you’re CONSTANTLY MAKING A(some) MISTAKE(s).

This is the first week in the gym after being a flabby nothing on the couch.  You are sore.  You become aware of just how out of shape you are.  Moreover, you don’t think it should take this much effort to be strong.  You think you’re probably doing it wrong.  You think, “I’ll just let this accumulate so I’m not bothering God EVERY DAY with this stuff,” or “I will try and fix this.”  Which would be a good idea if Jesus was middle management and life was just your day job.  But God is infinite, and you are broken, living in a broken sinful world.  Come to Him TOO OFTEN, pray to Him TOO OFTEN.  Beg His forgiveness even if it makes you roll your eyes.  Draw close to Him, and He will return the favor.  Start the relationship now.  This way.

Most Christians assume that if they are in church, especially if they are reading their Bible and serving, that they are already in the shape they need to be in.  And if we weren’t living in a time of dizzying distraction and deception that may be true.  While being a consistent, serving member of a Christian church may make you a rarity in the world, it’s not enough to guarantee your salvation.  The ten virgins in Jesus’ parable may have been the only virgins in the whole city; yet half of them were foolish.  Fifty percent, eliminated off top!  The fact that many Christians profess faith but don’t believe that the rapture is imminent, or refuse to heed the prophetic voice of God shows just how disparate and wicked the heart is.  The reality is that ANYONE with a HUMAN HEART is eligible to be rejected by God.  The good news is that opposite is also true.  But you GOTTA…GO…TO THE GYM.

Some people sign up for the gym out of a sudden epiphany that strengthens their resolve to change.  Brought on by a health scare or a New Year’s Resolution.  This is the story we’re familiar with.  But don’t wait to be driven to change.  Consider this your health scare.

August 18, 2008

My Calling

So I was thinking about my calling. I was thinking about how my inclinations naturally move toward teaching and counseling, molding, shaping, tearing down and building up. And I’ve got all these ideas. For everything and nothing. I’ve got this idea for a school, where “inner city” kids learn trades and how to be artisans, and how to make all the stuff they want to buy. And they learn old school ways of making things. I’m talkin’ bout looms and wool and textiles…I had this other idea where kids at least one grade above who show certain “leadership” qualities would teach other kids to make up for the low teacher ratio. I get ideas about other things too but you can’t help but think ideas about social reform should get priority. Being at the library has all been very zen for me. Everything seems really harmonious. When I request something of God, not only do I get what I ask for, it so thoroughly does the job. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that. I’ve gotten things I didn’t know I needed yet. I’ll be at work and skim some “how to” book about whatever, and find that I’m already doing the steps. It’s not even about being in a happy place or being up on my luck right now, I’m just clearly in the perfect spot, and it’s apparent to me. I think all this time God’s been teaching me to desire the perfect spot and not any particular image of success. So I’m thinking my calling doesn’t have to be spectacular to anyone else but me. Like there’s nothing spectacular about what I do now, and if I were to tell you what it is I do, you would not be asking me for an application. But that doesn’t matter. I don’t even care about success, really, I don’t think. I see now that I just want to impact people positively. Not even a lot of people. The impact of a few can reach exponentially to others, I see that now. So anyway, I was thinking about this calling. Oh, and I finally discovered my strengths which are (drumroll): Maximize, Strategic, Context, Ideation, and Empathy. Yeah, almost none of those would I have guessed. Attributes maybe, but not strengths. But I see them more and more. But I started to get really excited one day when I realized that there was a job that covered alllllllllllll of that. All of it. It takes advantage of allllll my strengths and allllll my personality traits and all my creativity. And it’s a station that requires no education, application, recommendations or networking (well, maybe some). It has as much or as little prestige as I need, and I would never, ever be bored, or without work to do. It’s challenging but consistent, there’s never a promotion but the responsibilities change. It’s fun, profound, and deeply deeply impactful, to the point that its very integrity would keep me from ever wanting to quit.

And this surrealistically perfect job is (drumroll): being a mom. Surprise!!!!!

December 4, 2005

Joaquin Phoenix is hott
Current mood: contemplative

I saw “Walk the Line” today.  In hopes I can make my point without ruining the experience, I will say that the first part of the movie is dedicated to Johnny Cash on a concert tour with June Carter, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Elvis.  And by concert tour I mean the lot of them in a caravan of a few cramped Cadillacs.  I suppose this was my dream.  To spend my burgeoning years in the youthful company of greatness and soon to be world changers.  Iron sharpening iron.  Unassuming of course, but still buzzing with potential; and even if you were only the one who let them crash at your place or gave them a jump, who wouldn’t want to be the one to say “I gave _____ a jump.”  Or hear the story about this legend crashing at this legends apartment and leaving the empty milk carton in the fridge.  Black and white reels of undeveloped priceless moments. Things like these are what make my heart leap.  Made my heart leap.  I’m young but I’ve had a nagging suspiscion since I was nine that my best days were behind me.  I didn’t think I had a “thing” really, but I do.  Did.  A tiny sliver of what would be… I guess you could say… vision?  I must say it’s better than having no direction.  The only glich is not having the stamina or the ambition, or the courage, to start something.