An Exercise in Conspiracy: Ted Gunderson (Disturbing Content Ahead)

This is Ted Gunderson.  He used to work for the FBI.

The above sentence is the last verifiable thing I can tell you.

In the following video, Ted Gunderson is going to tell you some information that you didn’t know before now.  He has no evidence and no proof of the following, only his own testimony.  He cannot give you charts or produce footage or paperwork.  He has no one to vouch for what he is saying.  He is not sexy or overly charismatic or openly philanthropic or otherwise what passes for appealing in this day and age.  For every accusation he makes, you could probably find 100 more launched back at him and his credibility, by numerous sources way more convincingly dramatic than he.

Tell me, do you believe him?  If so, why or why not?

What are the tools that you use to determine truth?  How can these tools be manipulated to your disadvantage?

Are you a little afraid for your life after watching that?

CONSPIRACY CORNER: The Denver Int’l Airport

Today we will focus on a classic conspiracy site in the U.S., the Denver Int’l Airport.  Crazy cray cray stuff from unsettling murals and ghost benefactors, to swastika blueprints and apocalyptic horses.  The creepiest aspect for me was the fact that they rebuilt it in place of the previous airport, changing virtually nothing about the current footprint and replacing none of the technology.  This video outlines the “changes” that were made to this very, very peculiar airport.

People…wussup with that??

Get Prepared NOW –a montage

So let’s say you’re reading this going, “Hey you don’t have to tell me twice.  Something is definitely happening.”  What exactly is going to happen, by and large we don’t know.

But take your pick, because any ONE of these has become entirely possible in just the next few MONTHS:  natural disaster (let’s see, we got flood, earthquake, volcano eruption, drought, famine, animals gone cray cray, pandemic, to name a few), financial collapse, giant meteor, martial law, massive food shortage, ISIS, FEMA camps, alien invasion, nuclear attack, CERN demon portal, the antichrist/mark of the beast, zombies…

does any of it sound like something you want to be here for?  Or moreover, be left behind for?  Me either.

So how exactly should we prepare for what’s to come?

Some store food.  Others weapons.  Some are buying gold and taking their money out of the bank.  Some people are buying bunkers.  Some are getting the word out in efforts to form a formidable resistance.  Others still are merely looking up, as Jesus said, for our redemption draweth nigh.

What most people are doing is what worries me.  Most people are burying their head in the sand.  Or letting the media distract them with celebrity news or the latest technology or fad.  Most people swear that everything is alright, that the world is no crazier than it’s always been.  They use logical arguments, they say we only see more things happening b/c we have access to more things happening (saying nothing of those things that go unreported).  They use cat videos to break up the constant tragedy and insist that any examination of current events is “fear mongering” and information that contradicts the status quo as “conspiracy nonsense.”  They have more faith in the world behaving as it always has– ebbing and flowing from one manic era to the next, that old swinging pendulum– sure the latest swell may be lasting longer than usual and with more potency, the only thing constant is change and in this the world holds no surprises.  These people are looking ahead to the fall schedule of TV shows and the November/December release of Oscar worthy box office hits.  These people won’t even know what hit them or what to do now that they’ve been hit.  Of the two groups, these stand the least chance of victory.

The greatest preparedness is free and takes a little or a lot of time, depending on the person.  But it’s something we can all do.  It’s very apropos that one’s last wishes are called a “will,” for this is all that’s needed in order to leave this age and enter the next.  In order to compose a will it is implicit that one must prepare.  Not in terms of possessions, for the nature of a will is that this is to be taken care of by others.  One must prepare to die.  Without preparing to die, your will cannot and will not be carried out.

Why don’t we try that now?  Everyone reading this.  Let’s prepare to die.  Ready?  Go.

Behind that scary second or two is the reality of who you are, and who you want to be.  Do you want to be dumb with fear?  Or fighting to the last second?  Free of regrets?  Totally at peace?  Empty of goodbyes?  Or do you want to be begging for more time?  Insecure about what comes next?  Or mad as hell?

The irony for Christians is that we should already be dead.  But most of us through our long journey have been coaxed to pick up our lives again, out of disillusionment or complacency or boredom.  Or deception.

But our illusions are soon to come crashing down, Christian and unbeliever alike, and all of us, in some way are going to die.  Some physically, some spiritually, all intellectually.  For those who remain, your paradigms will be pulled among two extremes: one good and one evil, and entirely inside out.  This place will be second only to hell, and it will be God at his most benevolent, giving everyone a chance to re-prioritize.

I urge everyone to re-prioritize now.  Die now.  Renounce your knowledge and abandon your skepticism.  Throw yourself on the mercy of God, use the last few seconds of your life to believe, with all your might, the truth: that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  Believe that, and only that, because it is the only hope for any of us.  It’s what I’ll be doing come September or beyond, Lord willing, come what may…

And I tell you the truth…whatever it ends up, or all the things it ends up being…it will…indeed…come.

Independence Day

In light of 4th of July, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss America from an alternate– conspiratorial, if you will– perspective.

I have enjoyed this country, and my identity as an American.  But I am foremost a citizen of a holy and other worldly monarchy, which is why coming across information like this ultimately doesn’t bother me.

I post these things in the hope it will have the same effect on you, and cause you not to despair in humanity.  but to further loosen your grip on any and all worldly allegiance:  for “the world is passing away, AND THE LUST THEREOF (!!!); but he who does the will of God abides forever.” — 1 John 2:17, emphasis mine 🙂

The majority of the clips from this post is from a series called “Know Your Enemy” done by The Fuel Project and posted on YouTube in its entirety, a whopping 77 part series comprehensively, though not exhaustively, covering the overarching movements and strategies of Good and Evil throughout human history from a Christian perspective.  Though there are trivial parts of the series I don’t entirely agree with, the series is more enlightening than all my years of book learning put together on the subject of world history, a very close second only to my years of independently researching the illuminati, and I recommend every person in the world watch it, particularly every Christian.

The Origin of “America:”

The French and American Revolutions:

Where we’re headed (HINT: it was pre-planned):