The Mother of All Conspiracies Pt. 2

I’ve been a bit paralyzed with this topic, not sure how to re-create the dots that I’ve connected. But I’m overthinking this. Let’s just move to politics.



Here’s a little video I watched several years ago, without any context whatsoever, and needless to say I was completely confused. Confused what this was supposed to mean, what I was supposed to root for, what I was even supposed to wonder about.


The Mother of all Conspiracies

No one is reading this blog anymore. I am sure of it. But it is still my life’s work, my life’s journey of discovery into the truth.

This would be the part where I lay out a big long rhetorical introduction. I really should’ve posted some of the people I’ve been really digging into the past six months. Because you know, I’m a context gal.

So, I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna give you this in pieces. Yes. It’s just that big of a monster. Or a beast, you could say. With a woman riding on the back. Covered in scarlet.

So anyway, it’s gonna be a bumpy nasty ride.

Let’s start with the seemingly unrelated, and work our way forward.

This is Jamie DLux. He’s just a dude. He’s doing independent research into the topic of Hollywood. He’s not the only one, but I like him, because he uses all primary sources, namely “blind items,” anonymously published bits of information by people in the know who would likely be killed for what they reveal.

He’s done a lot of videos, and it’s a strange thing to get hooked on, watching these. But then again, the truth is not a bad thing to get hooked on.

Here are a few of the basics. Part 2 up tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and WARNING: the Nickelodeon video WILL give you nightmares. And you might have to call in sick, and just be sick in your bed and pray, and clutch your Bible for a while if you’ve never come across this kind of thing before. Skip it if you want, but. This is your world. It’s all around you. It’s in your air and your water. Your food and your hair. Your mouth. You deserve to know what it is made of.





God Loves America/ Q

Know how I know?

Yesterday, the balance of law and order was restored to our highest court in the land. Without force, without bloodshed, without sacrifice. Save for a few slandering statements and some mob intimidation. But what good has made it past heaven without that? History proves that God loves America, because history testifies to the rarity that is a nation narrowly saving itself from the brink, particularly from the comfort of our own homes. We have the wisdom of the Constitution partly to thank for that, like the best state of the art fire safety system ever invented.┬áIt simply doesn’t happen, folks. In fact, I’m willing to bet that we have somehow managed to store up good will with God over many decades to have this happen.

I’m very dialed in to the miracle that is “nothing happened.” It’s probably my favorite kind. No one got killed, no one yelled, she opted not to say that thing she could’ve said, he decided to stay home. Yesterday, they voted. And our highest court officially closed the floodgates on the potential for corruption that will last our nation the lifetimes of these judges. Now, all we have to pray against is the spirit of mysterious deaths, health crises and suicides. Expect the Dems to gasp desperate promises of impeachment to their dwindling loyal base, though it is all a show as usual. They know that spewing constant toxicity and their obsession with foiling the righteous can look like the steadfast determination of the underdog to some. If Trump gets another spot between now and 2020 (or let’s face it, 2024), the righteous should have that thing on lock. Let the wicked become more wicked, and the righteous more righteous. The constitution is only fit to govern a moral people.

Also, I’m obsessed with Q. And you should be too. The fireworks will be that much more impressive when you’ve been told ahead of time to expect them.


I’m having trouble believing the times we’ve found ourselves in the midst of. Will the beast really suffer a wound? Will we see justice come to evildoers en masse in our day? While we’re alive? In November (probably earlier), I’m going to go make my second favorite vote I’ve ever cast, possibly tied with my first. And then I’m going to enjoy, the fucking, SHOW.

I’ve gotten the unexpected privilege to feel my American-ness while I’m still alive, despite their best efforts to make it seem fruitless and arbitrary and archaic. In 2020 I predict many more will dust off their voter ID’s or register online for the same life experience. For the first time in my life as an American, and probably the last, I will be part of a generation that voted for a man, a leader, and not just a party.

Social Engineering/Will the Beast Suffer a Wound?

Explicit content ahead– NSFW



I post this video not because of its credibility but because of the implications if this really goes down. From religion to politics to Hollywood to the military, our culture will change, and our children will be safe again, as well as many other culture-altering results. We haven’t seen such a thing in many lifetimes. I’m not sure that it’s even possible. But the fact that it’s being talked about openly as a possibility alone boggles the mind.