Occam’s Razor: Could the stars be angels?

If you study the Word, you probably know a few of the common allegorical terms used in Bible prophecy, such as “weeks” referring to clusters of time seven years long (Daniel 9:24), the “bride” and “bridegroom” being the Church and Jesus Christ (Matthew 9:15), and “stars” meaning angels (Revelation 1:20).  But what if God is referring to angels as “the stars” because they are, literally, THE STARS?

Consider how many matters this theory satisfies:

First, it’s feasible.  God has a lotta angels.  They each have jobs.  Only a few are designated humanoid messengers.  Some are beasts, some have wings, some don’t, some are among us, and others never leave the throne room of God.  Some which we know from scripture are immobile, described as having not moved from their posts, indefinitely, for thousands of years. (Genesis 3:24, Revelation 9:15).  It is reasonable then, that the stars would be the same, even going as far as forming the same signs in the heavens every month, every year, every century, every millennia, as needed.  Remember, the notion that they are hot, burning, rapidly moving, and/or far far away can be discarded as trumped up propaganda in this view.  In fact, regard it as a deliberate lie to mislead.

It’s also feasible, and kinda more God’s style, to have living breathing lights all around, to give us light and also to show his glory.  And if the sun is indeed also a star, then it is likely an angel also, as we know from Revelation and Daniel that angels don’t always take humanoid form, and seem to be able to appear as just about anything (Exodus 3:2, 14:9, Ezekiel 10).  Considering most who see God in a vision also describe his face being un-visible due to light emanating from it that is “brighter than the sun,” the sun could easily just be another light in God’s employ.

It also makes sense why stars, like other forms of angels, would begin to be worshipped, and why fallen angels as depicted during ancient times would be preoccupied with and teaching the art of astrology, the study of stars (the study of angels/their old homies?).  And why modern science would need to cover up this fact.

It also would make sense that when UFO’s or any alien-related phenomenon occurs, people began to see small lights resembling stars in the sky.  A somewhat unremarkable occurrence until you consider stars ARE angels and that furthermore, ominously, Satan himself is still capable of appearing as light. (2 Cor 11:4)

4 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor: Could the stars be angels?

  1. Once again, awesome thoughts. Rob really hit it outta the park with that video huh? To me, the whole angels = stars thing is now just a big fat “DUH” in my thinking. I just don’t see how I could ever go back and see all that the Bible has to say about it, and not be able to make that obvious conclusion anymore. Also, I’ve been thinking too about the same sort of things you mentioned here:

    “It also makes sense why stars, like other forms of angels, would begin to be worshipped, and why fallen angels as depicted during ancient times would be preoccupied with and teaching the art of astrology, the study of stars (the study of angels/their old homies?). And why modern science would need to cover up this fact”

    Doesn’t the realization that stars are in fact living, sentient beings, really change our perspective on all those ancient pagan monolithic sites, which were constructed to be all astronomically aligned and everything, basically like ancient observatories (Stonehenge, the Mayan pyramids, etc. etc…) Cuz now it’s really making me wonder how much of those temples/structures, were built in order to do more “active” divination, in the sense they were aiming their sights on particular “fallen” stars, (well, still in the sky, but rebellious?) which could move or blink or convey occult information someway or another. And then when you think about all that, about Astrology being a very literal “communion with fallen angels etc”, it makes me wonder about MODERN telescopes and observatories etc., and how much THOSE devices might actually be “devices of divination”, in a way, even if not all the scientists using them realize such a thing. I don’t mean to ramble on here, but I’ve been kicking this idea around for a couple weeks, and am just wondering if there really might be something to that. (Have you heard about the Vatican’s telescope named “L.U.C.I.F.E.R.” that Tom Horn and Cris Putnam are always talking about?) I mean, the Bible says that Satan disguises himself as an “angel of Light”. He uses false light in all sorts of ways to deceive people, etc… And what are “scientists” really looking at, when peering into telescopes anyway… Just light.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of apocryphal texts lately, having shunned them in years past for fear that they might contradict scripture or be full of “bad” ideas. But for the most part they confirm and enhance scripture. What I’ve gleaned the most from it is a greater understanding of how much God “relies on” angels, so to speak, to do His bidding, and in some cases stand in His stead, particularly in the OT prior to the arrival of Jesus. So I came across Rob’s post during the right time. I had this paradigm in my head that the holy angels and the devil’s angels never [had to] interact, and even though there doesn’t seem to be anything preventing Satan from appearing in heaven (e.g. Job, Revelation), that God doesn’t really mess with them anymore out of some moral principle. But this idea caused confusion when it came to certain stories where God employed a “lying spirit” as in the case of Ahab, or a “tormenting spirit” as in the case of Saul, or there being an “angel of death.” Was a holy angel forced to do something bad for God? It’s simpler, and a little more bad ass, to understand that God STILL utilizes ALL his angels, wherever they are, exempting perhaps those that are in chains or otherwise detained. The book of Jubilees suggests that God employed Satan himself to carry out the killing of the first born children of Egypt during Passover (The Bible merely says “an angel of the Lord”….classy). This also has the handy advantage of keeping God in charge of all things without having to actually dirty His own hands, causing unrighteousness within Himself. Some might say, “Oh that’s evil/cowardly/diabolical.” But it’s really just strategic and beyond our human imagination. It’s only the presence of evil that necessitates God using evil itself to JUDGE evil. Once evil is eradicated, evil angels will also be eradicated, which is okay b/c He won’t need them anymore because… see the first statement. So yeah. Mind blown. Possibilities opened.

  3. Wow, great points about Jubilees and how God still uses all the angels. This of course, would really make the most sense, since they ARE still angels, part of the Creation, and subject to the Creator. (doesn’t the book of Job itself sort of prove what you’re saying, because God allowed Satan to do every bad thing to Job, short of actually killing him?) I too have been amazed to realize just how much “angelic involvement” there almost certainly is with all of Creation, and lately I’ve been taking to referring to this as “Enochian Cosmology”, for lack of a better term, not because it’s a concept that is exclusive to Enoch, but (similar to the “Genesis 6 stuff with the Nephilim) it’s in the Bible too, but something that has been largely forgotten by mainstream Christianity, and is very much expounded upon in books like Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, etc., and I really do think that God has allowed these things to be “rediscovered” in these Last Days, to help us not be deceived by whatever types of genetic abominations might suddenly be revealed to the world, or “false flag aliens” or whatever else.

    Speaking of all this stuff. I’ve also been wondering lately about the whole “Rahab” thing, from this new FE and “Enochian” Cosmology perspective. I know a lot of people have tried to connect Rahab to “Planet X” and stuff like that, but… If the planets aren’t planets, but just other stars, (probably rebellious ones), then wouldn’t the whole Rahab thing make a ton of more sense in this context? Just curious if you’ve thought about that one at all. I’ve been trying to make more videos on random questions like these as they’ve arisen in my mind. Hard to keep track of it all, there is SO much information on all this stuff just exploding online lately….

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