The Earth is flat, fools. Deal with it.

I briefly explored this in a previous post, talking about this and birthdate of Christ.  And recently a fellow blogger had revealed a similar rabbit trail they were going down.  When I started looking at some of these videos, I didn’t want to be excited as I was about it.  Because, as the following video points out, believing that the Earth is flat is probably the most ridiculed position to have in today’s society.  I mean naturally that’s why I love it so much, but was it really worth sharing?  And reluctantly I’ve concluded… YES!

I can no longer ignore the fact that thinking about this gives me girl crush butterflies.  I wake up in the morning checking YouTube pretending like I don’t want to watch another “flat earth” video that’s popping up more and more the longer I stay on the subject.  I’ve circled the subject with my mom about a half dozen times already, even after I could already tell she is OVER THE SUBJECT.  But I don’t care.  It’s time to come out of the closet.

I believe that the Earth is flat, and I don’t care who knows it!!!

First of all, there’s so much to love about this possibility.  The implications of such a monumental whopper of a lie, the gaggle of people involved past and present, and the beatific spectacle it makes as it crashes to the intellectual ground.  The idea that all our ancestors that we perceive to be our pitiable ladder rungs of progress have proven hands down to be officially smarter than us in all respects.  The questions that I swallowed that tried to come up from the deep wellspring of my mind but always hit the brainwashed layer of mainstream media, written, verbal, and visual.  The fact that I’m not the only one who finds Neil Degrasse Tyson to be a total dickweed.

If you don’t believe it, no one would blame you.  If you do, and you’re hitting yourself over the head right now, stop.

“Oh my gosh, you fell for that!  I can’t believe you fell for it!”  The enemy wants to demonize our minds’ ability to fill in gaps and make a picture complete using creative power and inherent trust.  He urges us to remain sharp, try not to believe everything we read.  But for himself he uses it liberally.  The Lord hates a lying tongue, Proverbs tells us.  Hates.  And here you thought he didn’t hate anything.  There’s plenty to hate about someone insistent on nothing but complete and total corruption of EVERYTHING, including information.  To the point where your eyes and ears and jolts of adrenaline have somehow become lesser sources.

What I think I love most about the possibilities is that with the conspiratorial studies colluding to prove the existence of giants, demons, shapeshifting, hybrid beings, aliens, vampires and the like, this is the last bastion of non-magical worldviews.  We are officially cooler than Middle Earth, Narnia, Westeros, and wherever else we like to launch ourselves to distract from the idea that we are alone in dark universe, floating on a globe that no one cares about except for an extremely distant hot ball that seems to be having pity on us.  In the beginning, God made the heavens, and the Earth, a magical world, full of more drama and conflict than all the books, enough to directly inspire them all.  And no one could conceive just how close either one could truly be.

I think this means that the next organization I’m gonna start digging into is going to be NASA.  Aside from maybe the U.N., it’s about the only organization left that I don’t know about b/c I didn’t care before.  So, you’ll get to go on this journey with me.  I mean it’s pretty much a dummy organization so…this is going to be a riot!

3 thoughts on “The Earth is flat, fools. Deal with it.

  1. Hi, love your blog. I too have come out of the “flat earth closet” (great term btw), and boy has my blog comment section turned into the chirping cricket section, but oh well. Like you said, the world/universe is so much more”magical” than even most Bible believers can comprehend. For weeks now my mind has been spinning from thinking about all the ways that this piece fits into the rest of the NWO/conspiracy stuff. For a couple years I had already accepted the fact that the moon landings were fake, and that NASA was rife with Freemasonic people/symbolism, but for the life of me really couldn’t imagine why they went to such lengths to fake it all. The more I’m looking into it now I’m thinking it very well could all be building up to some fake alien disclosure event, or something to do with CERN, or who knows, maybe all of the above. Funny you mentioned Niel Degrass Tyson too, cuz I keep hearing Dubay and others calling him a Freemason, and I’m curious to see if that’s actually true. He is quite a db in my book, that’s for sure.

    Anyhow, looking forward to digging into all this stuff further alongside others also viewing it all from a Biblical/prophetic standpoint.

  2. Love your blog as well! It amazes me how fellow researchers can get on the same wavelength at the same time. GOod stuff!

  3. I agree. As insane and idiotic as it sounds, it fits in perfectly with satan’s attempt to push God further and further away from man. Evolution and a spherical earth spinning at 66.666 thousand miles per hour(nicely rounded up to 66.67) and tilted at an angle of 66.666 degrees? What are the chances? How would the North Star stay in place if we are tilted outward and spinning so quickly? How does nasa, using the same artist- ahem I mean camera, from the same distance, have the scale of the North America on the earth grow by 1/3 in one year??? The Stanley Kubrick directed “moon landing”video also reveal many errors, such as a stage light reflecting in one of the astronauts visors, a moon “rock” with a “C” on it., etc. – and who took the picture of the craft leaving the moon?? Did they leave a photographer with a good wireless internet connection behind? It just goes on and on. ……
    The KJV Bible makes it clear that the earth is flat and round. The entire world knew this until the Baal worshippers such as Copernicus, and our friends in Vatican City, decided to push God away…It didn’t work. He still reigns and will tread the wine press of the fierceness and wrath of God – and all of these wicked deceivers will be in that wine press. Thanks for posting this. It was brave.

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