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We interrupt this long hiatus to bring you the best summary of Q Anon currently on the YouTubes.

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been for the last year-ish, it’s here. Try to catch it before it gets removed!

The Mother of All Conspiracies Pt. 7 (Completed)

I was gonna do one more part on… I don’t know. Institutions or whatever. Consider this the seventh bowl with the seven plagues. In fact, I think I may have seven videos for ya.

If you’ve actually kept up with these posts, perhaps you’ve followed the bread crumbs and could see where I was going with it. Or, if you were like me, you completely glossed over the clear and obvious repeated re-occurrence of one thing, across time and space, across institutions, race, class, and religion.

That, my friends, is the presence of Jews.

Not all Jews. Certainly not even most Jews. I’m talking about the synagogue of Satan.

You know Jesus mentions them not once, but twice in the letters of Revelations sent to the church? I always thought it was some personal situation, one Jew to another. I was like, “my name’s Bennet and I’m not in it.”

Welp! Turns out I am in it. Turns out we all are.

When you read the gospels, it is so… crystal… CLEAR, that the elaborate parables, the harsh truths, the warnings and woes, they’re all aimed at, not just the Pharisees, but to Judaism itself. The entire old guard.

What?? you might think. Jesus getting rid of Judaism entirely??? It’s blasphemous! It’s outrageous!!!

Not if he spent thousands of years foretelling the plan. Not only foretelling the plan, but the reaction to the plan, which would be visceral and unaccepted. No wonder God had complete confidence in telling them how it would not be accepted. It was just… that… revolutionary. The signs, the prophecies, the clues, those were all mercies. Mercies for those that truly loved Him, and stumbling blocks for those who didn’t.

After the work is accomplished, and the kingdom of heaven comes, without their help and despite their attempts to hinder it, what do these leftovers and their willing cohorts become? If they reject the revelation of God’s inevitable plan of redemption for all humankind, if they refuse to follow God any further, where do they go? What do they do?

They become wandering rebels. Revolutionaries. That subvert the new kingdom that has cut them off so that other, less “deserving” branches can be grafted in. They become victims perpetually of the plan of God, stuck in their history, laden with a theological context that no longer applies. The stories no longer become about God, they become about them. They role-play the literal glory days. Meanwhile, the King has been crowned, the Helper has come, and like the prodigal son, they can not share in the Father’s joy of sons that have come home.

But no one, absolutely no one, suspected that they intended to sabotage those sons. That is until now.

Once the idea is allowed to be entertained, it actually seems quite obvious.

So this is it, guys. After years of digging and getting to the bottom of these things, something that I was never expecting to even accomplish, I’m pretty convinced that this is it. The scarlet woman riding on the beast in revelation that rises out of the sea, is none other than this synagogue of Satan, borne out of the Jewish faith. What a twisty ending!! Right!!?!??!!

If I post anything after this, which I might do still because, you know, events.

Consider it all an epilogue. Roll the credits. We don’ beat the game! For the first time discovering any of this, I actually feel some anger and outrage. Which let’s me know I’m at the end. There’s a human face to point a finger at, a marveling to find the culprit once the lights are turned on. But I am, in no way, anti-semitic. “Semitic” is an adjective that describes not only Jews but Arabs. It is a people group based on a type of language. Besides that, I still read my Bible, pretty much exclusively about Jews and I’m still totally obsessed. I could never hate Jews. And overall, I’m more grateful for the complete and utter clarity this has all given me to better understand the scriptures. Because I love God. And I ultimately want what he wants.

He told me almost a year ago, when I realized that racism was a construct: “There are only two kinds of people: the righteous and the wicked.”

The two groups have members who are constantly switching allegiances from birth to death. No righteous OR wicked group exists. There are only individuals. The wheat and the tares. Of the wheat will be people of all kinds, who will ultimately make up the kingdom of God. And I still believe that for every Jew that comes to the knowledge of the truth, the Father’s joy will be doubled.