Required Reading/Listening: Joe Rogan Experience #911

“When you’re looking at something that’s on a major league television show… if you’re a guy with a suit and a tie ‘Good Evening America,’ and you’re doing that guy… you’ve had to go through some (exp.) serious hoops and ladders and checks and balances, you’ve gotta represent something… but what is that news for…are they really trying to help you… are they doing it b/c they love you and care for you and they want you to be informed, or or are they doing it b/c they’re clearly biased and they’ve got an agenda…understand that you’re getting all of your information from these sources that have a vested interest in relaying their particular version of the truth.  That’s not good for anybody.”

3 hours.  Make a souffle and listen.

Conspiracy Corner: Einstein was a Fraud

Yummy yummy yum yum conspiracy.  Holy controversy, Batman this is my second favorite subject right behind flat earth theory.


We’re talking no gravity, no relativity and certainly no theory of it, and my favorite bit of information,  Einstein was a moron.


This all started with a 30 second snippet of a completely unrelated video that I watched years ago.  It was 30 seconds so random that I had to take notice, and so matter of factly stated that I held onto it, though I didn’t know what to do with it at the time.


Notice how the title of the video betrays how hard it is to grasp the idea of Einstein not actually being “Einstein.”  I too reasoned it all out, thinking “naturally he’s a brilliant scientist, why wouldn’t the illuminati take an interest in him?”  But what makes even better sense?  Is the final puzzle piece.  That he was among this elite group of evildoers, a propped up posse of highly regarded charlatans, especially if he was involved in such high level satanism.

Someone recently asked me– and they were very annoyed when they asked this– “what’s the point?  Why would you just believe some random person telling you things?”  Lolz.  First of all, settle down.  The truth is we all just believe some random person telling us things.  The question is, how do we determine whether or not these things are actually true, aside from constant dogmatic persistence that it is?

I think this is what electrifies me about these subjects. I’m an unconventional person, constantly trying to find the conventions in life to see beyond them, and to think beyond them.  Before studying conspiracy I knew there was a great hoard of conventions to get around, but I couldn’t detect them, couldn’t bust through that invisible barrier and even if I managed to, I couldn’t piece together what I was seeing.  And now, I live in a constant state of amazement.  It’s what I love about flat earth.  The moment I realized that I didn’t have a single moment of personal observation to support what I believed about the universe, merely a collage of secondhand info, drawings, diagrams, renderings, movies, television, and unanimous perpetuation of an idea, inside I was jumping up and down and clapping as though I’d seen the greatest magic trick in the world.  The amount of unconscious acceptance we all do is absolutely staggering.

The other aspect of it is the amount of industrious, tireless, expensive, boundless trickery that has to be in play to create such illusions.  And to think it’s happening all around me, as we speak, is an oddly thrilling prospect.  Sometimes it comes down to a handful of willing participants.  You don’t need everyone in on someone taking a dive in a rigged Superbowl, just two uncouth, or perhaps underpaid, players.  But science?  This took some serious elbow grease.  It’s one thing to find holes in a theory (“if we’re all reincarnated til we reach enlightenment then why does the population increase?”).  It’s another thing to find a conflicting theory was intentionally crafted and forcibly circulated, so loud and so long that generations would pass and the damage would be done before anyone would hope to become hip to it.  Now “why?” is definitely the appropriate question here.

And the appropriate answer is also a question: “why else?”

Godshealer7 Prophecy Channel

Dropping prophecy bombs…

So…this is Brother Dan and Sister Barbara.

They’ve been doing these videos since about 2011.

Last year Sister Barbara had a stroke.  Can you tell?  Neither can I.

Lately the prophesies that they’ve been getting have been– in their words– “humdingers.”

Here are a few of the latest humdingers.






Is My Favorite Singer Next?

Some of you may know that with all of my conspiracy musings, I have one unabashed worldly pleasure, and that is being a Mariah Carey fan.  I know every song, heard every live version, seen every live piece of footage.  Which is why this entry is especially important to me that others read.  Ya’ll… I think that Mariah is the next illuminati casualty.

Pretty much everyone has seen the NYE debacle that took place Saturday night.  I myself didn’t hear about it until yesterday, and when I logged on to my computer, naturally I was aghast.  I’m sure you don’t want to hear all the details but let’s just say from what I know as a lamb, this incident stinks to high heaven.

She currently has a TV series on E! that is documenting her world tour, and a few episodes in and I sort of have the bubble guts.  B/c as much as I want to enjoy it, the energy that surrounds her is very similar to that of MJ, someone that is impossibly successful that pretty much only has yes people around her, b/c at that level it’s pretty much all you’re going to draw.  People who can also keep you ignorant of your shortcomings and potential failures, b/c you don’t want to know and they don’t want to tell you.  Part of me wants to say this will all blow over, but the signs are all there, and if this is indeed going to happen, I want to be prepared.


Mariah is my favorite artist of any kind.  A kindred soul, one that joined an unbelievably evil system in exchange for fame and fortune.  I for one will be praying that whatever happens,  Mariah ultimately falls in the hands of the one who can kill both the body and the soul.