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Never heard about this stuff? Color me unsurprised. 5 seconds of either of these videos tell you more than all the media coverage of the last six months. “THIS JUST IN: RACIST THINGS HAPPENING AND WE STILL HATE THE PRESIDENT. NEXT UP: GUN STUFF. ALSO, THERE’S A PANEL. CELEBRITY PERSON. AGREE UNTIL YOUR THOUGHTS ARE OKAY. DUMB.” That was my impression of the corporate media. Shout out to anyone diving into local news archives, trudging through the garbage to find the threads, trails, finger and boot prints they’ve unwittingly left behind.



The Truther Purge of 2018

Thank goodness my tens of followers still have me around.

I’m extra mad about one of my favorite channels, The Black Child, being so strategically deleted, and that all my links are now bad.  I should’ve been as prepared as he was, but still.  Such a great resource.



The war for people’s minds is real. At least for the enemy. Like really??? Relax bro!!






So it’s false flag season again. The issue at hand this time? Wait…I think it’s the same every time. The 2nd amendment of course. Another school shooting. Of course.

Shout out to Black Child for ANOTHER awesome video pointing out not the eerily similarities between scenarios that keeps playing out, but the fact that these people seem to KEEP “slipping through the cracks” of the system. Just how many cracks are there??

It’s one thing to lose someone in a maze of bureaucracy…but when the FBI doesn’t check its voice mail tho???


Again, another person reported BY THE PUBLIC that no one bothered to investigate.

Too busy concocting dossiers to submit to the FISA court to spy on actual proven threats I guess? * shrug emoji *


Wake up, wake up, blah blah

The media is a mouthpiece for the wicked. Blah blah blah.


Hollywood is lying to you and are full of nature-defying hypocrisy, blah blah blah.


The “blah blah blah” is because I’m sharing this post but I doubt anyone cares, and my sandwich board is getting a bit heavy after 3-ish years.

Also, porn stars are dying, and that’s weird.

But something I’m legit excited about:  Tila Tequila is saved!!! Oh my Lord, that just made my freaking day!! God is REAL

Stop Pretending to Care: the Lessons of Harvey Weinstein

If Gen X was the generation of feigning apathy, this is the generation of…the opposite of that.

Guys….I think it’e safe for us to all stop pretending to care now.

After all, it’s obvious that Hollywood is just pretending to care.  Has pretended.  Will pretend.  They abuse children, they abuse grown ups.  They know about it, make jokes about it.  Then get up on stage and speak passionately with tears about causes.  As though they are all prophets who feel things on a deeper level than the rest of us.

But now there’s no more need to kowtow to their influence.  They were just faking.  I mean, they are actors after all.

You can stop pretending that kneeling means something more that it does, you can stop pretending that NOT kneeling means more than it does, we can all stop pretending the flag means more (or less) than it does.  Just like none of us are probably going to stop watching or enjoying Miramax movies.

Miramax made some of my all time favorites.  Good Will Hunting, No Country for Old Men, Kill Bill, Talented Mr. Ripley, Gone Baby Gone.  I don’t watch much of movies anymore, but I am fond of them.  If and when they come one tv, I’m probably gonna watch them.

Now I could sit here and use plausible deniability.  I could say that I can separate a film’s merit from how it was created or who financed it.  Plausible but not the truth.  The truth is somewhere along the lines of “I don’t care/it doesn’t matter.”  It’s the same apathy that probably caused the environment in Hollywood to thrive like a bacteria.  Bad?  Lazy?  Consumerist?  Perhaps.  Or maybe it’s innocuous.  But it’s at least consistent.  I care about as much about watching these movies as I do about watching their stars get up and tell me what I should think is important.  Not saying it’s right but at least it’s truthful, as in rooted in reality and not hypocrisy.  I at least understand that it is NOT humanly impossible to be BOTH so moved by a plight that you would be stirred to use a public platform to speak out against it, as soooooo many actors have done, AND also be cool with Harvey Weinstein’s nasty tail roaming free.  Looks like quite a few people have been telling fibs.

Now it’s pretending to care that has gotten us so far into all this mess.  I know why you do it, you don’t want to appear callous and unfeeling and let’s face it, just plain unpleasant in front of your fellow man.  And I get it.  But it’s not like while you sent your “thoughts and prayers” post out about Joe Blow So and so, that you secretly knew that he was a serial rapist that murdered his wife.

And yet, these people that are ceremonially lifted up for all of us to admire….that’s what THESE PEOPLE are doing.  Quite a few of them have helped bury the bodies and received big paychecks for their cooperation.  A mixture of tempting and dark incentives which keeps them willing and eager participants.

We can see how the system works, but still the question is “why?”  This Harvey Weinstein scandal is merely a glimpse of what these people’s lives and careers actually are.  It has very little to do with artistic merit and chutzpah and grit and determination… unless of course we’re talking about sex acts.  Not only are these people not qualified to tell us what to care about, these people don’t even seem fit to be considered people who “care” about anything, particularly those who’ve been around long enough to calcify in their silence.

So the logical explanation for every suggestion that comes out of this place is that it is not a conviction but programming.  Not organic but synthetic.  Not created but assigned.  Why?  Well to influence culture, I imagine.  It’s the one good thing it’s been good at.  That’s not to say that wonderful, beautiful artistic expression can’t take place here, or that the feels you felt at that movie are somehow unjustified.  But in ever human institution that thrives there is an underbelly.  And sometimes that underbelly gets so overgrown that it becomes the overbelly.

On the bright side the knowledge that there’s very few things respectable things to admire about the people and goings on in Hollywood, it has inspired me to try my hand at some scripts I’ve only briefly imagined.  Looks like they could really use the competition.