Is it my birthday?? Laughing Cannibal’s disease

It is a truther’s version of a surprise trip to Disneyworld.  A puzzle piece that was always there but just waiting for the right time to come across your path.  What constitutes the right time?  Usually the condition of being completely unexpected b/c you were in no way focused on it, but coupled with a build-up of previous research, curious, seemingly unrelated factors on the backburner, and whatever else is needed for that bell to go off.  DING!  Gotcha.  This is it.  This is the truth.  Hidden under that sheet I’d circled 12 times.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard over the years studying conspiracies that the Queen of England and others are raging cannibals that eat babies…. I’d have like, twenty bucks.

Until today there was not much to say or do about it.  Either believe it or don’t.  Children would continue to disappear, coincidences would continue to mount, suspicions taken up, doubters continue to scoff.  But today I found out something simple, something obvious, something real.

There is a disease that is acquired in cases where cannibalism is practiced LONG TERM.  It is called Kuru, also nicknamed “laughing cannibal’s disease” after one of the symptoms, uncontrolled spontaneous fits of laughter.  Basically, it’s the human version of mad cow disease, causing tremors, loss of both muscular control and eventually the nervous system, then death.


Tremors, inability to walk or sit without assistance, strange outbursts….remind you of anyone else??


Because it is a neurological disorder that also has an incubation period, meaning it takes years even decades before a symptom emerges, it’s going to have the same symptoms as other such diseases like alzheimers, strokes, things that mark the overall affliction and decline of the human mind.  Basically, if Hillary eventually is outed with merely having a “neurological disorder” and has to end her career, I believe she will have dodged a serious bullet.  Don’t think folks haven’t noticed Bill’s tremors too.  Could be they’re just two old people, but with the macabre correspondents we saw from wikileaks, not to mention the body count they’ve both racked up, just of what we know about, degenerative death from years of practicing cannibalism seems to fit the bill better than “old age karma.”



I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why 1.) “they” would overlook Hillary’s constant health problems as a presidential candidate and 2.) why Hillary herself would even want to run when she clearly had something grave going on, something that seemed neurological and quite terminal.  Even conspiracy buffs could only go off her past documented medical injuries and subsequent surgeries as proof of her being unfit.  No one bothered to try understanding what was causing the falls in the first place.  Turns out there might be a distinct reason for it all.


Perhaps she continued to run, and continues to tease another bid in 2020, b/c aside from the fact that she has to cope with the side effects of eating people, she’s perfectly fit to run the country.

With the uncovering of #pizzagate and now this little verifiable tidbit, I think lizard people is the only wild conspiracy theory left to unveil here.  Of course grey aliens.  Oh and flat earth.  And black goo.  Oh yeah, and that giant sentient AI computer.  Clones.   Shapeshifters.  Underground bases okay, we have a few more to go.  But if things keep going at the rate it is, we should be completely caught up in like five years.


Distracted/Rapture in Seconds

It started several months ago when we started preparing to move out of state.  We needed to get the house ready, renovations, look at the market where we were moving, come up with a game plan, all kinds of excitement, anticipation, thinking about the future and however necessary it all was, it just added up to one big giant distraction.  I have about a half dozen drafts that I started over the past few months but never completed.  Like a good writer I didn’t try to pressure myself to get back to it.  I kept up with eschatological musings well enough, illuminati goings on and what not, but it really just seemed like more of the same, nothing that I haven’t already said.  And with my mind on regular life, it didn’t seem worth it to document every development and/or hiccup in the  plans of the prince of the power of the air, and the command of God hadn’t changed to be ready.

And I got myself un-ready for a little bit, but today I’m back on alert, listening to the body and re-energizing myself with the words of encouragement that continue to pour out.  I feel like I started too early doing this watching thing and now I’m mellowing out, meanwhile others are newly continuing to come to vigilance.  And I can’t let myself start strong and finish weak or not at all.



an oldie but a goodie

Required Reading/Listening: Joe Rogan Experience #911

“When you’re looking at something that’s on a major league television show… if you’re a guy with a suit and a tie ‘Good Evening America,’ and you’re doing that guy… you’ve had to go through some (exp.) serious hoops and ladders and checks and balances, you’ve gotta represent something… but what is that news for…are they really trying to help you… are they doing it b/c they love you and care for you and they want you to be informed, or or are they doing it b/c they’re clearly biased and they’ve got an agenda…understand that you’re getting all of your information from these sources that have a vested interest in relaying their particular version of the truth.  That’s not good for anybody.”

3 hours.  Make a souffle and listen.

Conspiracy Corner: Einstein was a Fraud

Yummy yummy yum yum conspiracy.  Holy controversy, Batman this is my second favorite subject right behind flat earth theory.


We’re talking no gravity, no relativity and certainly no theory of it, and my favorite bit of information,  Einstein was a moron.


This all started with a 30 second snippet of a completely unrelated video that I watched years ago.  It was 30 seconds so random that I had to take notice, and so matter of factly stated that I held onto it, though I didn’t know what to do with it at the time.


Notice how the title of the video betrays how hard it is to grasp the idea of Einstein not actually being “Einstein.”  I too reasoned it all out, thinking “naturally he’s a brilliant scientist, why wouldn’t the illuminati take an interest in him?”  But what makes even better sense?  Is the final puzzle piece.  That he was among this elite group of evildoers, a propped up posse of highly regarded charlatans, especially if he was involved in such high level satanism.

Someone recently asked me– and they were very annoyed when they asked this– “what’s the point?  Why would you just believe some random person telling you things?”  Lolz.  First of all, settle down.  The truth is we all just believe some random person telling us things.  The question is, how do we determine whether or not these things are actually true, aside from constant dogmatic persistence that it is?

I think this is what electrifies me about these subjects. I’m an unconventional person, constantly trying to find the conventions in life to see beyond them, and to think beyond them.  Before studying conspiracy I knew there was a great hoard of conventions to get around, but I couldn’t detect them, couldn’t bust through that invisible barrier and even if I managed to, I couldn’t piece together what I was seeing.  And now, I live in a constant state of amazement.  It’s what I love about flat earth.  The moment I realized that I didn’t have a single moment of personal observation to support what I believed about the universe, merely a collage of secondhand info, drawings, diagrams, renderings, movies, television, and unanimous perpetuation of an idea, inside I was jumping up and down and clapping as though I’d seen the greatest magic trick in the world.  The amount of unconscious acceptance we all do is absolutely staggering.

The other aspect of it is the amount of industrious, tireless, expensive, boundless trickery that has to be in play to create such illusions.  And to think it’s happening all around me, as we speak, is an oddly thrilling prospect.  Sometimes it comes down to a handful of willing participants.  You don’t need everyone in on someone taking a dive in a rigged Superbowl, just two uncouth, or perhaps underpaid, players.  But science?  This took some serious elbow grease.  It’s one thing to find holes in a theory (“if we’re all reincarnated til we reach enlightenment then why does the population increase?”).  It’s another thing to find a conflicting theory was intentionally crafted and forcibly circulated, so loud and so long that generations would pass and the damage would be done before anyone would hope to become hip to it.  Now “why?” is definitely the appropriate question here.

And the appropriate answer is also a question: “why else?”

Godshealer7 Prophecy Channel

Dropping prophecy bombs…

So…this is Brother Dan and Sister Barbara.

They’ve been doing these videos since about 2011.

Last year Sister Barbara had a stroke.  Can you tell?  Neither can I.

Lately the prophesies that they’ve been getting have been– in their words– “humdingers.”

Here are a few of the latest humdingers.